EPA regularly teams with technical specialists drawing from Mr. Brock's 30 years of experience in the environmental planning field. This team based approach brings together the most qualified consultants in their respective disciplines as needed to meet the specific requirements of each project. While a team's composition will vary from project to project, EPA's frequent collaborators include Terry A. Hayes Associates (TAHA) for air quality, noise, document production and support services, ICF (formerly Jones & Stokes) for historic resources and Wendy Lockwood of Sirius Environmental for technical and support in the analysis of land use, aesthetics and many other technical issues. Terry A. Hayes, Principal, and associated staff including Kevin Ferrier, Senior Planner, and Sam Silverman, Senior Environmental Scientist, are generally responsible for these services at TAHA. Rick Starzak is the Principal-in-Charge with ICF who oversees preparation of historic resources reports to the standards required by the California Office of Historic Preservation. Mr. Brock, Mr. Hayes, and Ms. Lockwood in particular, have collaborated on environmental documents for over 20 years and bring over 70 years of combined environmental planning experience to any project. Detailed experience for TAHA, Jones & Stokes, and Sirius Environmental can be provided upon request and can also be viewed at and

Sirius Environmental (WBE/DBE/SBE) is a small environmental consulting firm that provides technical support and management with respect to CEQA and NEPA related services.  The firm was formed to focus on project and program management of projects and programs requiring a detailed understanding of CEQA and/or NEPA and requiring responsive, individualized management.  Sirius Environmental provides support to consulting firms and public agencies in the preparation of clear, accurate technical reports and documents that meet the increasingly demanding needs of communities and their decision makers in the southern California region.  Wendy Lockwood, Principal of Sirius, has 23 years experience in the preparation of environmental documents pursuant to CEQA and NEPA.  Ms. Lockwood has been the Project Manager for major projects and technical task leader on technically complex projects involving noise, air quality, energy, and hazardous wastes/materials issues and is thoroughly conversant with local planning regulations and regional planning documents in Southern California.  While with ESA, a premier environmental consulting firm in California, she headed the Los Angeles office for over 15 years and has participated in the preparation of environmental documentation for well over 500 projects. Ms. Lockwood’s areas of technical specialty are noise, air quality, and hazardous materials.  Ms. Lockwood has overseen the preparation of numerous noise, air quality, and hazardous materials analyses of complex projects and prepares Land Use analyses for projects in complex regulatory environments.  She emphasizes quality and responsiveness in her work, and works closely with clients to ensure that information presented in documents is complete, accurate, concise, and understandable to the average reader.



















W.H. Bonner Associates (Archaeological Resources)

Crain & Associates (Traffic)

Dudek & Associates (Biological Resources)

Environmental Planning Associates, Inc.   

Hans Giroux Associates (Air)

Robert Wlododarski (Archaeological Resources)

Larry Munsey International (Biological Resources)

Myra L. Frank Associates (Historical Resources)

Myra Frank Associates/Jones & Stokes (Historical Resources)

Overland Traffic Consultants (Traffic)

Robert Bein, William Frost Associates (Air, Noise, Staff, Production)

Science Applications International Corporation (Water Supply and Hydrology)

Sirius Environmental – (Technical Analysis, Project Support)

Terry A. Hayes Associates (Air, Noise, Socio-economic, Staff, Production)

Urban Studio (Urban Design)

Thomas R. Vreeland & Associates (Historical Resources)

Willdan Engineers (Traffic)


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