Plaza at the Glen

EPA prepared the Draft EIR for the Plaza at the Glen, a regionally significant mixed-use urban community located in the Valley Glen area of Los Angeles. The project would develop the approximately 12.5 acre site with up to 1.5 million square feet that provides employment, services, entertainment, lodging and housing, while integrating transit and urban amenities into a single mixed-use development. The project would include 150 residential units, a 230-room hotel, approximately 550,000 square feet of office space (including 100,000 square feet of medical office), a 2,700 seat theater, a 45,000 square foot gym, and retail, restaurant and market space totaling 285,000 square feet. A transit plaza would be provided over the Tujunga Wash and the project would provide facilities to be integrated with the adjacent Tujunga Wash greenway. The project will also pursue LEED certification. A General Plan Amendment is required and the Draft EIR evaluated both the impacts of the Plaza project, and adjacent properties that could be developed under similar Plan Amendment conditions. Traffic, air quality, aesthetics and land use are all environmental issues thoroughly addressed by the Draft EIR.


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