Project Management

Effective project management, not just technical adequacy, is the cornerstone of a timely environmental review process. The effective execution of these responsibilities determines the schedule, cost and legal adequacy of the environmental review process for any project. EPA’s reputation for being both conscientious in its approach and responsive to tight schedules and emergent problems is well deserved. In this role, EPA supervises and guides the efforts of its own technical consultants and coordinates with lead and responsible agencies, project development teams (including applicants, attorneys, engineers and architects).

Since environmental documents involve the concurrent preparation of technical studies that must meet differing needs of many public agencies and interested parties, effective project management is essential. The consultant must ensure that data for each area of analysis meets the wide range of public agency and community concerns, is delivered on time to meet project schedule milestones and, that each consultant and team member responsible for and dependent upon related work are aware of the status of their data. In this capacity, it is not unusual for EPA to collaborate with up to 10 technical consultants at one time, for projects involving public agencies at all levels, while ensuring that each task is performed to the highest professional and legal standard and in a timely manner.


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