EIR Preparation & Technical Analysis

EPA prepares comprehensive, factual and legally defendable Environmental Impact Reports and other environmental documents. EPA is responsible for document preparation tasks, including quality review and/or preparation of technical analysis, ensuring compliance with style format and content requirements of responsible and lead agencies, and developing new methodologies and strategies as appropriate to meet the specific needs of a particular project. EPA blends readability with defensibility through a clear and substantive writing style, thorough documentation and responsible management.

Initial Studies

EPA prepares Initial Studies to determine the scope of potential impacts resulting from a project and whether or not an EIR is required. Initial Studies prepared by EPA analyze, document and defensibly explain each individual area of potential impact, thus reducing the possibility that a project could be litigated as a result of a "naked checklist" or a lack of substantial evidence. Additionally, EPA prepares and consolidates all technical support information to provide a comprehensive package for Lead Agency consideration.

Mitigated Negative Declarations

EPA prepares Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) packages for projects that may not require an EIR under CEQA. This process includes preparation of Environmental Information/Assessment forms, a detailed Initial Study, the identification of viable mitigation measures and project conditions that would reduce impacts to less than significant levels and the preparation, noticing and distribution of the MND itself.


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