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James Brock, LEED AP, President of Environmental Planning Associates, Inc., serves as Project Manager and Principal-in-Charge on all EPA projects. Mr. Brock is responsible for management and supervision of the EIR or MND team; reviews all technical studies for CEQA defensibility and CEQA related technical concerns; consults with lead agency staff and responsible agencies on all CEQA related matters; regularly consults with project teams; develops project alternatives; prepares key EIR sections; attends meetings; supervises support staff; oversees schedule and budget milestones; and other tasks as needed.  Document production and graphic design services are performed by subcontractors well versed in the preparation of environmental documentation.


Mr. Brock also focuses on sustainably oriented business opportunities in a diverse range of areas, applying the deep technical, policy, strategic and networking resources from his 30 years in the environmental, real estate and renewable technology sectors. Currently, he is a Senior Consultant to Tecnospot Solar US, an international solar photovoltaic distributor, designer and project developer. He is also working with several other ventures in development.






EPA regularly teams with technical specialists drawing from Mr. Brock’s 30 years of experience in the environmental planning field.  This team based approach brings together the most qualified consultants in their respective disciplines as needed to meet the specific requirements of each project.


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Team Based Approach


As a “boutique” firm, EPA takes a team based approach to the preparation of environmental documents. While many larger firms provide in-house specialists to address individual technical needs, EPA approaches its assignments by assembling technical teams from consultants that are solely dedicated to their specialties, drawing upon a network of consultants and individuals from EPA’s President, James Brock’s 30 years of experience preparing EIRs and other CEQA documentation.  We work on a select group of projects so that we can fully devote all our resources to those projects. 


EPA supplements its key personnel with support staff from other consultants, as needed for a specific assignment. We retain the flexibility to team with other consultants and provide project management to a larger staff, or personally undertake all writing and strategic tasks.  Essentially, EPA shapes itself to meet the needs of the assignment to provide an optimum blend of staffing and “hands-on” project management.