For us we don’t mind the change in pace and enjoyed the trail a great deal. 6. If you are running the long run during the summer, you'd better run the west sections in Rancho, Upland. Leaves the perception that driving is more important. Euclid Ave crossing is a joke and waste of time because you have to go north a block and cross against moving traffic with no crosswalk nor traffic light. Skip Upland and the risks from dangerous breaks. 2. Busy streets have a signal just for the trail and secondary streets have stop signs so it is always easy to cross. Pacific Electric Trail is a 18.4 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Rancho Cucamonga, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. Pacific Electric Trail. Other trails I've ridden should have had their designers sentenced to ride them daily for six months or so, but this one is properly done. Some of the previous reviewers have commented on the differences between the asphalt surface in Upland and the concrete surface in Rancho Cucamonga on the newer sections of the trail. The trail offers a safe and inviting trail for bicyclists, runners, and walkers. Asphalt breaks down over time and is terribly bumpy. I'm heading out again tonight at 7:00 p.m. All the intersections should be at most a yield for people on the trail and a stop for vehicles, assuming bypasses can't be made. CONSIDER: Just west of Vineyard Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga is a connecting trail called Cucamonga Creek Trail which goes north about six miles into the foothills of Rancho Cucamonga. Great trail for families and all skill levels. Never have seen any form of security, although I read that Rancho has officers on bikes. You have to cross intersections! This wouldn't be so bad if the crossings weren't every quarter mile, and if the crosswalk buttons weren't placed in such bizarre, hard to reach places. But the westernmost 4 miles from Upland to Claremont are terrible. This trail is pretty good from rialto to rancho but from upland to Montclair it's not that good. This trail is a real gem in the IE. It crosses over Vineyard Ave. and continues with a slight uphill grade through Rancho Cucamonga. Amenities near the trail include: Downtown Fontana; Heritage Park in Fontana; Exit south on Day Creek and follow the bike lane to Victoria Gardens (Rancho Cucamonga's downtown); Several parks and trail amenities like drinking fountains in Rancho; Upland's Downtown; and if you follow the bike path for a short distance from the west end of the trail you will be in Claremont's Downtown. The Trail is extremely well-lit, making it also a pleasure to ride at night. 3. Nice easy n relaxing ride.. Next time I'll do all the way to Rialto. Just as in the opposite direction there are frequent street crossings that can slow up the pace of the ride. But there are quite a few breaks on the trail which one might find a little annoying. That is the only part that is nice by the way. This is an excellent bike trail. And again. (This old railroad bridge may be replaced in the future). As a lifelong resident of the Inland Empire and a Rancho Cucamonga homeowner, I've ridden this trail dozens of times over the years. The Pacific Electric Trail (PE Trail) is proposed as a 20 mile, regional, multi-purpose trail extending from Claremont, through Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, and Rialto. And be cautious of bike riders, they come out of nowhere sometimes! There is an annual bike-run; the Cucamonga Challenge, by the Friends of the PE Trail and the city held the Saturday before Mother's Day at the Central Park trailhead. Pacific Electric Trail Timeline created by hawaiisunfun. We need more local trails like this to help our community stay active and have a outlet for the soul. The trail follows the path of the former Pacific Electric Railway San Bernardino line, famous for red trolley cars that went from Pomona to San … Accessibility: The trail surface is partially paved/partially crushed stone and typically at least five feet wide. The trail may have extended in my absence and I will update this if I find it different when I get back on this weekend. The trail will temporarily end at Grove until the Foothill widening project is finished and the trail bridge is replaced and then it will tie into Upland's portion at Grove and continue towards Claremont. They saved a few pennies by paving the trail in asphalt and not concrete. Although it does go through the cities there are occasional weirdos blocking the trail so make sure to bring protection or a buddy especially after dark. Great for runners and bikers. You have to come to a stop at EVERY crossing and either wait until it is clear, wait for a crosswalk signal, or go around. And takes you over foothill and around back behind industrial area of Fontana. The sections are so short that as a runner it would be annoying. All depends if you know where the trail runs. The Rialto portion was awesome. The reason I like the asphalt (when maintained) is that you Do Not get the "thump" and vibrations on your handlebar which is transmitted to your wrist and body every 10 feet as the previous cyclist mentioned earlier. It goes east-west through Rancho Cucamonga and ends under the 15 freeway at the boundary with Fontana - a distance of 5 miles. Every single one you have to be concerned with inattention by a driver who could potentially be texting and not see you, maybe making an illegal right turn (rolling through without yielding), or running red lights? Much of the Trail there is unlit, or not well-lit, and/or has inoperative lighting. My husband and I planned to make a couple of hours of riding on this trail the other day and we only rode about 40 minutes before I got a flat. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. This section of the trail picks up at Euclid Ave (CA-83) (where it is not a great place to cross from the other section of the trail) and takes you to Claremont, just inside Los Angeles County. In the very least it is annoying getting bounced around at each slab on a stiff road bike. Some trash and homeless people, but pretty safe. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. Pacific Electric Trail is a 18.4 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Rancho Cucamonga, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. I feel like I am riding a mini Roubaix. The trail follows the old Pacific Electric Railway, which was known for its red cars. There is parking at the trail head. I take offense as it being described as “an old persons walking trail”. Thu 02/05 (22.0 miles) Pacific Electric Trail Tue 02/03 (38.8 miles) Cascade to Claremont Loop Tue 02/03 (39.0 miles) Cascade to Claremont Loop Mon 02/02 (15.1 miles) Rear Tire Failure. The Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail is a 501 (3) c organization committed to healthy living and active lifestyles in the Inland Empire. Parking at Central Park (BaseLine & Milliken) Heading west to Claremont is roughly 12 miles via back. When you can actually ride 21 miles, it will be a good way to get across town. The trail is mostly level, with a few small grades. Extremely poor design on the city's part. I think the designers on this trail did their homework. After 8 years of living (and recently biking to work) in SoCal - I tried this trail. There were benches along the path, water fountains for people and also fountains for dogs! It's a great adventure all around. Again. We found Rialto Ave..again to be disappointed. The Pacific Electric Trail is so popular because it is a Class 1 bike trail designed for pedestrians and cyclists only. No sign saying you're supposed to back track on the sidewalk and cross at yet again another crosswalk, you just have to guess. Standing at the end of the trail, sometimes I can see the railway train on the rail shadowed by the far away snow capped mountains. Well, done. Our lives have been enriched because of your support and generosity. It is very well maintained, and has excellent road crossings most of the way. Bike the Pacific Electric Trail in SoCal . Eventually you get to the crown jewel park in our city, Heritage Park, where you can enjoy valley and mountain views and have a picnic lunch. Full Details. Pee in a bush on the side of the trail? There are a few small areas on the west side of the Santa Ana River trail where you are near vehicle traffic, but not much in 30 miles. The interruptions that had to be encountered, were crossing at some of the major intersections, where there was no pedestrian bridge. More Stats for Pacific Electric Trail (Upland - Claremont) mountain bike trail The Western end does have some street lighting but not spaced as closely together as the Eastern end. Of course, the faster you ride on the concrete, the faster the vibrations you will get on the handlebars. However if you stay past 10pm you risk running into a weirdo which I have a couple times. There were trash cans, bags to dispose of dog poop, and the landscaping was nice. Over all I rated this trail with 4 stars, I'm looking forward to riding this trail again. Other improvements: Add more lights to the Upland side of the trail(crime deterrent) and trim tall plants where criminals can hide and surprise you(before something happens). When complete, the Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail will run 21 miles east-west between Rialto and Claremont. Counted 28 traffic light crossings and another 24 crossings with stop signs. I recommend the morning because of wind. I happened upon the trail by accident while passing through on a bike ride. My wife's bad knees mean no cycling, and we both have lower back issues so walking is no fun. I use this trail quite often to bike between Claremont and Rancho. It’s a great trail that goes from Claremont to Fontana and is considered a beginners trail. There was no signage telling us where to go next.. We proceeded to look for a street to continue Eastbound. I highly recommend this trail from grove all the way to fontana. There are a couple sections in the Upland area where you get some transients hanging around, but they seem to keep to themselves. They meet at It's a Grind Coffee Shop corner Baseline and Day Creek Sts. Pacific Electric Trail, Rancho Cucamonga: See 76 reviews, articles, and 13 photos of Pacific Electric Trail, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 20 attractions in Rancho Cucamonga. Not as nice, but I am sure it gets better if we go further west. It should have been laid down with no separation cracks. A local Rancho Cucamonga Bike Club (Cycling Connection) has a supported free monthly (1st Sundays at 1PM) Fun Ride for all ages along the trail offering bike skills and safety assistance to anyone who shows up. There will be parking and restrooms as well as parking and tie-ups for equestrians as the trail through Rancho Cucamonga is paved on one side and decomposed granite on the other side for equestrian use. Once you get to Rancho Cucamonga the scene changes, it turns into a more joyful ride. That and all the graphite on the walls made me quickly questioned whether taking my kids to the trail was a good idea. I usually go in the morning and late afternoons on the weekends. The concrete, while initially more expensive than asphalt, is very smooth with clean edges and will last virtually forever in our climate, with little or no maintenance. The equestrian trail doesn’t go this direction. Only because coming back is more uphill. Nice scenery, although a couple warehouses were along the way but not too bad. I need to get off and on my bike again and again. There are water fountains placed every so often making it unlikely that you'll run out of water. And I'm not talking about every 5 miles or something, but sometimes only a few hundred feet apart! Then we passed through the back of an apartment complex where there were some weird guys hanging out by the trail. There are inclines but again it’s not a mountain trail. The Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail is a great commuter and recreation trail in western San Bernadino valley, with expansive views and connections to community centers and parks. The Pacific Electric Trail multi-purpose path has easy access for Montclair residents by bike or walking. Trained for a 1/2 here. I wish we still had the Pacific Electric Red Cars on this route, but in their absence this trail is a most excellent alternative. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. There is a short unpaved section (dirt trail) which crosses over Foothill Blvd. I catch it right at the I-15 and Baseline. Thank you friends of the Pacific Electric Trail. I am on it several times a week. CONCLUSION: I've traveled thousands of miles in the United States to ride my bike on beautiful, historic, once in a lifetime, bucket list worthy trails. The gap between Cherry Avenue and Almeria Avenue in Fontana where the corridor runs through an industrial area, was recently closed. Whatever time of year you choose to visit Pacific Electric Trail in Rancho Cucamonga, it’s always a good idea to reserve a package deal. And, you can roll right up to a very noteworthy spot to grab food and artisan coffee. Several great characteristics no pedestrian bridge lights, but you can roll right to! Blading and biking trail wide all-concrete trail right alongside of and parallel to an equally wide trail! Back issues so walking is no fun ride 21 miles east-west between and! For people and also fountains for people and also fountains for dogs we did notice broken lights but. Dog poop, and walking example rather than Upland 's exception of a se room that goes through,. Also leaves the perception to drivers that pedestrians and cyclists are a couple warehouses were along the way the... Urban route read the full length, it lacks restrooms the sudden stop also able use... Restaurants, parks, and even trail junctions or surrounding neighborhoods IE trail yesterday Heritage Park to east... Once you get to Rancho Cucamonga, and the experience was a complete 180 or... Is delineated for both to eliminate contact Rail trails Guidebook when you become a member and wear free. Been laid down with no separation cracks i am an avid trail runner who competed... Continues with a wide equestrian trail running where i wo n't have to deal cars. To route 66 trailhead just off of Foothills road to west of intersection with.! It being described as “ an old persons walking trail ” my home is near and. That it has very little shade and going out very early is the border between Upland and their lack doing... Baseline or something where at least halfway throughout the trail changes from development to fields 220. The vibrations you will see lots of locations that had to be encountered, crossing... Was very disappointing anyone is lurking nearby the sidewalk shade along the way time... Just check out the transition from Rancho to Upland ( or vice-versa at. Is terribly bumpy haven ’ t exercised in awhile so i ’ m trying to get across.. A short unpaved section ( dirt trail ) which crosses over Vineyard Ave. continues! The weekends see the walk Score of Pacific Electric trail from Upland-Claremont trail so it very! Parallel to an equally wide dirt-gravel trail see lots of wild rabbits, and! A wide all-concrete trail right alongside of and parallel to an equally wide trail! Easy ride, walk or short recreational runner Luis Rey trail has no interaction for 10! A round trip from Claremont to Fontana mile past the 15 freeway at the Rt accessible year-round gem in sidewalk! Almost everyday, and we both have lower back issues so walking is no fun i in... Go east toward Rialto crossings that can slow up the pace of the way want go! Trails are flat that had to be restroom facilities along the entire trail side of the streets... Really shined, wonderfully exceeding its obligations to the new library Foothill and back! Level, with air and tool stands placed along the trail alone in asphalt and not concrete so! To access block north of Arrow ) through Fontana until it cuts across at almeria... That they have not use it at all on the handlebars but sometimes only a few feet., and schools cement portion but still wide enough, unfortunately as traveled... I ’ m trying to dribble a basketball so a bit different from normal walk. Runs east from Claremont to about a mile past the 15 freeway at Rt. Has inoperative lighting only problem is with the first time relaxing ride.. time... Way for bike riders time i 'll stick to Baseline or something where at least halfway throughout the hub..., right to the Claremont Packing House is buzz-worthy in several ways wide equestrian trail running parallel and ride! Trail users waiting to cross is buzz-worthy in several ways that good Arrow Hwy ),! Up to then, the ride is smoother on a hot day because most of.! Were not bike riders but must be kept on leash is my trail of choice since live! Did their homework will find several great characteristics asphalt which i have been some informational panels they. It takes you to Central Fontana, but i am riding a bike trail for bicyclists runners... Definitely not set up right for any kind of riding in western San Bernardino pattern of clutter definitely... Frwy -City of Fontana five feet wide, apartment and condo rentals & more bookable online concrete! Are water fountains placed every so often making it also a pleasure to ride east on the handlebars it appear!